On Leg Day

My gym is a school gym in the Medical District. Also, it’s smaller with a much more dedicated user-base. I clock in at about 5’11, 165-170 pounds, working on a bulking 4-day split. I work mostly in push and pull for the moment: Chest/Back, Legs, Arms, and Shoulders. My working Bench is about 205, Squat is 315, Military Press is 105, and I do sets between 25 and 30 Pullups. I’m still about a middle of the road guy size-wise at my gym.

But the one thing that I do consistently that I notice a lot of guys missing at my gym is leg day. We’ve all made excuses, we all hate leg day, we all have our weaknesses. I’m convinced that my years of aggressive speed running, multiple injuries, and tiny feet (size 7.5 foot) are the reasons why I have such difficulty getting to a 90-degree squat.

Form problems aside, I go hard. I consistently push about 200% of my bodyweight near the end of my sets for squats, and I pull 150% without straps for deadlifts. I limp out of the gym every Tuesday and go back the next week harder than ever. I hate leg day. I hate the day after even more. But I look proportional, and I get stronger and steadier every week. No one wants to look like you got chicken legs.

"But I run!" says some asswipe who hates the leg press. Running only activates your hamstrings and depending on your form, you may be able to give your calves some burn. That’s only half of your leg muscle groups, not to mention that your quads and glutes are much larger than your hams and calves. Don’t wanna do traditional lifts for your legs? Get an hour of pylometric activity in. That’s right. Go jump for an hour. Watch yourself weep in front of the mirror after 30 jump squats and 40 weighted Mary Katherine lunges. Then decide what you’d rather do. But whatever you do. Do legs.

Dating a Weight Lifter - A simple guide

In the last four weeks, I’ve been on a clean bulk and trying to date again. As a result, I’ve learned that there are a few things that Weight Lifters, Bodybuilders, basically anyone who has a strict diet and exercise plan bring to a relationship that most people who aren’t as regimented may not expect.

1 - We don’t sleep in. But we do make breakfast.

For an athlete, food is fuel. And food also hits our tummies within 30 minutes of waking up. Eggs are almost always involved, other proteins may be as well - though depending on the goals, expect turkey bacon and sausage.

2 - We’re super comfy. And super sore.

Like laying on a nice chest? You get it 6 days a week. The one day you don’t get it? After Chest day. Each guy is different, but for me, about 20-30 hours after a workout that soreness sets in. And the last thing I want is your head laying on it for 6 to 8 hours.

3 - We’re always hungry, we’re always eating, but we don’t eat out a lot.

Expect that we eat 4-6 meals a day, both whole food and supplement. Expect that when we’re not eating, we’re thinking about eating. Those of us on cuts or clean bulks though? It’s hard to find the right options out at a restaurant. So don’t be mad that I’m eating two cups of brown rice, two cups of veggies, and 10oz of grilled chicken every night and that I don’t want to go to dinner. I’m trying to gain another 10 pounds of muscle, and that requires some boring food.

4 - We will cook for you though, and most of us are good at it.

And believe me, you have to be. Especially when brown rice and chicken are the cornerstone of your pantry. But I make a mean stir-fry, a delish dijon sauce, and even a solid white pizza. You gotta be creative when your choices are limited. And you’ll find yourself eating (less than us) but healthier overall.

5 - We will spend more money on ourselves.

Supps are expensive. But they make us better at our craft. Have you ever taken a pre-workout? Or a post-workout when you’re all done? It’s everything you need after maxing out your squat or military press. But our rewards are your rewards as well.

6 - Protein farts.

They’re gross. We’re sorry.

7 - On rest days, we rest hard.

Like laying around all day and binging on TV shows? Date a weightlifter on a bulk who’s  doing a four-day split. Those other three days, I don’t move more than necessary. Unless I want to go out or something. But in that time, you’ll know where I am. The couch.

8 - Ever scratch a puppy behind the ears? That’s us when you give us a rub down.

Want a bodybuilder to turn to putty? Rub his shoulders after chest and back day.His lower back after leg day. His hands after arm day. They’re not targeted areas in the workouts, but they get beat up during each of those days.

9 - We hate running.

But sex is great cardio.

I don’t have time to post on here much, partially because grad school, work, and the gym have consumed my life, at which point I said, “LET’S TRY DATING AND TRAINING FOR A FIVE-MILE OBSTACLE COURSE TOO!” But that said, I feel its important to occasionally put my deeper thoughts onto the internets.

I went for a run today, outside in the city, for the first time since moving here. There was one run along the lake, which is pretty, but there’s something particularly moving about running past restaurants and grocers, Italian beef stands and corner stores, up and down the sometimes nice/sometimes not-so-nice sidewalks and roads of the west side. I love where I live now. It vibes with me. And I think what makes it so amazing is that everyone I meet who lives out here is completely different and we share this neighborhood with the same amount of pride. Running up through West Town, Noble Square, River West, crossing the interstate and seeing the river and skyline while the sun set behind me possibly hits in the top 5 moments of my time in Chicago. I remember all the shit that I went through to get myself to this place, this point in time and I realize that it’s all been worth it. Every heartbreak, hurdle, and halleloo. Even though so many of my friends aren’t here and I miss them all terribly, I feel like I’ve finally found the first place in my life that I can really call home. And that’s a realization that only the runner’s high can bring.




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Dear world,

If you could keep giving me friends who are licensed massage therapists, that would be awesome.





reasons i like Hipster Hitler comics:

* history puns

* Hitler’s tshirts

as you can see it’s actualy just one reason

Hipster Hitler will never not be funny.

Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. DEAD.

this wins.


I just remembered that Anna Kendrick is a real person.

My life is amazing.

Proof that I am a raccoon.

I smother and nibble on people I like.

Proof that I am a raccoon.

I smother and nibble on people I like.

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The board game “Monopoly” was originally invented in the early 20th century to warn players of the dangers of free market capitalism. The original title was “The Landlord Game,” made to show how property owners exploit their tenants with exorbitant rent. The game eventually evolved to include rules that let players charge higher rent if they owned all the railroads or the utility companies. But the endgame scenario of Monopoly is a lot like the endgame of capitalism that we’re witnessing today - no matter how the game starts, the wealth will eventually accumulate in the hands of one player, while the other players have to sell off their property to pay their debt to the owner and, eventually, lose everything they have.

Started the day with lectures on Technology, played Borderlands 2, and now it’s writing and Faded Paper Figures.

Some days, I forget how okay I actually am. Days like these remind me that I am, more often than not, better than okay.

I want to post this video that I’m watching for class, but I’m afraid it’ll get me on some government watchlist.

The days you truly win, are the days that you feel like a ton of lead, but you still manage to walk outside.